Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Equipped for Emergency ?

How many of us are equipped to act instantaneously in case of any emergencies? Be it may for us or others?
In today's fast moving and unpredictable world, anything could happen any time. The bus, the lorry and the auto drivers drive so rashly. There is absolutely no thought or value for life. 
The sad truth is that many would be just bystanders watching the proceedings (if one indeed had the time to even notice what was happening around them). Sometimes, people would want to help but would not know whom and which number to call.

I came across this post of a blogger who praises the effectiveness of 108 EMRI service. Its good to know that its effective and pretty quick. Thought would share with everyone. 108 EMRI also responds to fire and police related emergencies. To know more about this please visit this link.
What I like about this is that, 108 can be dialed from both land-line and a mobile.

Be aware and help others !


Kay said...

In my view an emergency is what we make of it.
Believe me when i say i've seen some real big ones during the past year.

Soin said...

emergency losses its meaning when we know what to do..well the worst part is when these ambulances are rushing people dont give way.. all have their own