Monday, November 30, 2009

It is endearing

to see a person nearing age 60, learning children rhymes from a 55+ old person.
               -That's none but my dad learning rhymes from my mom to cater to Jillu's demands

to see a 30+ yrs no-nonsense adult, who has never turned towards Carnatic songs, singing Baja Govindam and the likes
              -That's Jillu's dad singing carnatic songs, again to cater to Jillu's demands

Thursday, November 26, 2009

At a loss for words

Well, I am having trouble blogging non-Jillu stuff. It cannot be called as a writer's block, for I absolutely am no writer :). Just a beginner struggling to find my way, or rather my words.

What to blog about? I know there are thousand and one things to blog about, but nothing comes to my mind yet. Even if I think of something to write, (having a couple of drafts is proof enough for that), I am not able to work around the topic and get it into any presentable shape. When I read it, it seemed so bad and nothing like the other so nice, lovely, so well written blogs that I read.

Some weeks back, in my car driving class, a fellow student was a 80+ years old woman and she was doing a wonderful job. I was really admiring her and her commitment at this age of wanting to learn and having the energy to enroll into a class and going through with it as well. What a way to live and how much she loves life to do that. I should learn from her, for due to various reasons, I am yet to complete the learning and still cannot drive on my own. I wanted to make this a blog post but could not go beyond a few words.

And, I was searching for my specs the other day and could not find it. I was desperately searching for it, for I cannot go to work without that and was calling my MIL as well to find out if I had left it there when I had been there the previous day. When I was searching, the immediate thought that struck me was that how nice it would be if we had a CTRL+F (Find) feature in real life so as to easily locate anything. I really missed the CTRL+F feature then. You won't believe me, but I have been thinking of ways of writing this for the past 2 days, but somehow it never happened. My first thought was to pen it as it is. Then, I thought, no, let me try out a 55 fiction out of this topic. I thought and thought and thought, I thought on the train journey to office, thought whenever my mind was idle, but nothing came out of it. Then  I thought, OK, let me try out a 55 fiction on some other topic. Again,with the same results.

So here I am, having decided to write something, writing about what to write. Hahaha..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One minute please

The value/longevity of a minute (60 secs) is well appreciated only

  • When we are impatiently waiting for the milk to boil and you dare not attend to anything else for fear of it getting the better of you
  • When we need to check an important email and the computer takes that full minute to boot and start up
  • When we can see the train arriving at a far distance and just cannot wait for the train to pull up in the platform lest we be late for a not so important meeting
  • When we impatiently wait for the red to turn green at a busy junction and keep glancing at the lights every other second
  • When we just missed the lift and keep jabbing the button as though just that act would immediately make the lift materialize before us.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Change for life

People always say that you are never the same after marriage and that wedding is the one important event which changes you for life. This might sound true (especially for the ladies who step out of their home of 25 odd years or so) at that time of transition.

But I have discovered that not marriage, but having kids is what changes you for ever. 
Having a baby changes your priorities, your timings, your lifestyle, your outlook towards life, your behavior, your talk, your thoughts and the list goes on. In short it changes you.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

At a loss

How would one feel with one of their arms severed? Thats how I have been feeling for the past 1 week since our PC crashed. Yes, my left hand, our home PC crashed and I am severely pained and distraught and disconnected from people. Imagine !! I can't do a post in JilluYennaPan. That is unimagineable to me !!!

Which is the right hand , you ask? Of course, its my mobile !

Technology has done us and these days it is so difficult to survive without a mobile or a computer. This post is a result of my beg and borrow of my hubby's official laptop. 

A couple of weeks back, my mobile conked off and I was left without my right hand. We have become so lazy that it is a wonder to remember the numbers of even our very close circle. I know some people who don't even know their own numbers. Thats how lazy we have become

They always say, "everything comes in threes". First, it was my mobile, then PC (which is still under repair). What next I wonder and dread?