Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vacation Time..

Jillu & Co are at last off to a vacation for a week. This is the first official vacation for Jillu and the first one for the family as well after Jillu 's birth.

So we are all off this afternoon. Its a vacation planned in a jiffy, so hopefully everything should go well and Jillu should enjoy herself !

See you all after a week and take care till then! :)

will come back and meet you all with updates and photos to share :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear Jillu,

A note of caution: This is a lengthy post and I have not made any effort to curb it! So go ahead only if you are game!

Kannamma, you are growing up so fast that it is totally unbelievable. Where have these past 2 1/4 years gone? Its gone by just like that before we could bat an eyelid.

You are acting so grown up these days,

Wanting to eat on your own and you do that as well, only its very messy and you got to learn the fine arts. But for now you are doing a great job and we are all proud of you. Ironically you don't want to eat dosa/chapathi by yrself. You want me to feed you that :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Award Time !

Its been a long time since this blog got any attention from its owner, what with the owner being too occupied with 'n' number of things and also managing a highly active toddler !

But somethings cannot be ignored and this is one !

AJCL has awarded me the Blogger Buddy Award !!!! and this is my first Award :). 

Thank you, AJCL.  I am so glad to have known you and am just waiting to meet you guys :).

And I pass on the award to

CG, ssstoryteller, Varun's Mom, L_R, Pattu's Mom, Swetha

And what's more, Jillu has got an award as well ! The Beautiful Blogger Award !!! To know more abt it, view this page :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Know "Me" Tag :)

Uma has tagged me to write 7 things about me that you do not know about.

So here it is.....

1) I have traveled without, in bus, a couple of  times - a long time back. There, I have said it. Admitted in public. My long time secret :)

2) I like to travel a lot, but i get sick immediately ( well, you might say an hour into the journey) if I travel by bus. 
That very well takes care of my desire to travel, right? That said, yes, I still want to travel a lot, visit places that I have not been to.

3)I have always wanted to learn to play an instrument (mainly Veena, but something), but never got to do it :(

4) I hate milk, but love the by products of milk - curd, milk sweet, (esp the paalgoa ) very much. My dad always teases me about it. I never had plain milk even in my child hood days i believe. (And when I say milk, it includes Horlicks, complan , Boost and the likes.) My parents had to drink all the health drinks to complete the pack :). Yeah, they said so!

5) I wanted my baby to be a girl all through my pregnancy. But when I came to know that it was indeed a girl baby, (after I was brought to my room after C section under general anesthesia) my very first reaction was 
"Oh, No. She is also bound to undergo the same agony that i did. It could have been a boy". 
My MIL still teases me about it. But that was when i was under the influence of drugs at night. I over came it the very next day. :)

6)Am getting to be too absent minded. More like amnesia :(. Cant seem to remember what happened in the past. Even some important happenings. Its got to a stage where my dearest friend (right from school) reminded me of an incident from my past, from my life, that I had completely forgotten.
I think I should make better use of both of my blogs :) to compensate for this memory loss !

7)  The biggest goof up of my life : I forgot to get my ECNR stamped in my passport before we left for our honeymoon. The result : We came back home from the airport to agreeably surprised/shocked parents & relatives.
All's well that ends well : We delayed the trip, postponed tickets, bookings et all, got a temporary stamping within a day and this time did manage to pass through the gates :)

Though it took some time to pin down the 7 points, I enjoyed doing it as it gave me the opportunity to reminisce about a lot of forgotten things and think about myself for a change :).  Thank you Uma. 

And I tag Anu, AJCL, Swaram, Swetha and CG, if you have not done it before.

And to anyone who wishes to take it up. :). Would love to read your list as well :)