Friday, June 18, 2010

Kerala Trip Part 7 - Rajamalai, Munnar & then back home

Day 6 (contd)

The first (and the last) stop was Rajamalai wild life sanctuary. The mountain covered with green grasslands is a sight to behold. A spectacular sight !
This park was established to protect the endangered Tahr (rare mountain goat). And also  famous for the unique species of flower, Neelakurinji, that blooms once in 12 years.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kerala Trip Part 6 - Munnar

Day 5 (contd)

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The travel from Thekkady to Munnar was a great scenic route in the hilly region. The mountains look as though a beautiful green carpet has been laid meticulously on it :) However, it was the worst part of the tour for me as I was car/travel sick (in spite of the slow driving among the hair pin bends by the expert driver). It was a wonder that I had managed for so many days and it had to happen some time! But the good thing about was that the travel was slow with various small stops and hence we got some more time to enjoy the view as well. Here are some shots along the way

Monday, June 14, 2010

We were shaken !!!

In the early hours of Sun morning ! The feeling was like no other ! The ground actually shifted beneath us ! 

And this is how we realized it !

(Click the pic for an enlarged image) 

We felt the tremor in 2 phases. The first was just about for 5 secs, but the second tremor (after 5 mins or so) lasted for 15-20 seconds.

I find it difficult to describe our feelings during the 5 minute span. "In awe" could be the best word to explain those moments.

For more details on the earthquake, you could visit here

How about you guys in Chennai ? did you feel it as well? I think i felt it only bcoz I was awake. I wouldn't have known if I had been asleep.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Originals, Adaptations, Remix - All for Tulika Blogathon-4

Hi guys !!!

How have you all been?This blog is being revived from its dormant state, thanks to Tulika :)
I couldn't resist submitting an entry for Tulika's Blogathon-4

Our home resonates with several rhymes and songs in both English and Tamil, some very well known , some long forgotten and some new ones !

Apart from the common Tamil ones like
1. Kaakkaa kannukku mai kondaa
2. Annai Annai, Azhagar Annai
3. Nila, Nila, odi vaa

here are some others that are part of our daily routine