Monday, June 14, 2010

We were shaken !!!

In the early hours of Sun morning ! The feeling was like no other ! The ground actually shifted beneath us ! 

And this is how we realized it !

(Click the pic for an enlarged image) 

We felt the tremor in 2 phases. The first was just about for 5 secs, but the second tremor (after 5 mins or so) lasted for 15-20 seconds.

I find it difficult to describe our feelings during the 5 minute span. "In awe" could be the best word to explain those moments.

For more details on the earthquake, you could visit here

How about you guys in Chennai ? did you feel it as well? I think i felt it only bcoz I was awake. I wouldn't have known if I had been asleep.



Well, was watching the hilarious US-England play and suddenly I felt myself rocking and I thought its my sleep deprivation at first. Then i sat up from my reclined pose on the sofa and sat upright to see if it was me or was it a tremor.. nothing happened and I was watching the match again and after sometime it happened again! THis time i was worried and checked to see if any of K's dozen dolls had fallen off their positions and they had not.. so dismissed tremors and went back to the game! How wrong I was!

Swaram said...

Oh! I hope it ws a mild one and there is no loss!

Unknown said...

happened in b'lore many years back and i had the exactly same thoughts u had.. the fallen tiles of the bathroom wall (thanks to the tremor) still stand testimony to that..

Anonymous said...

OMG nobody told me when I called Chennai... is it a minor one?

Anuradha Shankar said...

i heard about the tremors only when my cousin wrote about it on FB! so much for getting news! btw, we experienced slight tremors in bbay a few years back, and the experience was just the same as yours...

Hema said...

I felt it too. I thought V was kicking during his sleep and then thought my husband was shaking the cot (?!). Then we both realized it was a tremor. We were surprised that we felt it because we were sleeping.

Anonymous said...

I was wide awake when the earth danced, thanks to a splitting headache. I had puked just 10 mins before the shake and thought I was feeling dizzy! Came to know it was a tremor only the following morning:))

Lavanya Sriram said...

L_R : we were watching the same match :) . Funny that you thought tolook for K's toys first before anything else :)

Swaram : No losses.Not to worry. Though there were reports people got really scared and had run out of their homes.

AJCL : we have got to bow to nature, isn't it? though nothing fell when we felt the tremor.

anisnest : welsome to my space:). yes, only minor. no losses. But the tremor was very significant and lasted about 15 secs.

Anu : when you think back, its really funny - blaming each other for the tremor.

Hema : oh ! my parents were sleeping and they never woke up. I enlightened them in the morning. I am sure I would have slept through as well if I had been asleep:)

Vidya: Hope you are feeling alright now. Get well soon !