Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Equipped for Emergency ?

How many of us are equipped to act instantaneously in case of any emergencies? Be it may for us or others?
In today's fast moving and unpredictable world, anything could happen any time. The bus, the lorry and the auto drivers drive so rashly. There is absolutely no thought or value for life. 
The sad truth is that many would be just bystanders watching the proceedings (if one indeed had the time to even notice what was happening around them). Sometimes, people would want to help but would not know whom and which number to call.

I came across this post of a blogger who praises the effectiveness of 108 EMRI service. Its good to know that its effective and pretty quick. Thought would share with everyone. 108 EMRI also responds to fire and police related emergencies. To know more about this please visit this link.
What I like about this is that, 108 can be dialed from both land-line and a mobile.

Be aware and help others !

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Have you ever been in this situation? 

You know what you ought to do. You know what your heart tells you to do. You know that it is the right thing to do now. You know that there will be associated risk(s) with any decision/course of action. You know that the risk taken now is well worth it. You know that, if not now, then it is never. You know that there are always bound to be other avenues later, sooner or later, if the decision that you take now does not work out well in the long run. 

And yet, your mind does not heed to it. You don't make that decision. 

You dilli dally. You procrastinate. You look for opinions and advice from others. You get influenced by others. You look for excuses for avoiding the change. You get cold feet thinking about the risk and the change. And then, you still have the audacity to envy others, the case of the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence.

You know that change is the only constant thing in the world!.Yet it is so difficult to adjust to change, let alone welcome it with open arms.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Girl 1: A very simple girl, who cannot be quite called shy or reserved, just not the type to talk to strangers first and make friends. But once a friendship is made, it lasts forever. Not one to talk too much, but better at being a silent spectator and listening.

Girl 2: A very simple girl, but one who is known to talk to strangers first and make friends, if and when warranted. Once a friendship is made, it lasts forever. One who can both share things and listen as well.

The 1st girl is me 2 years back and the 2nd girl is again me, as I am right now. And what is the trigger for the change? Being a mother. I am unable to believe the transformation in myself. These days, I just don't hesitate to make the first move when it comes to gathering information for Saathvika. 2 years back, I would not have mailed people whom I did not know, would not have joined a public forum and also actively participated in it, would not have initiated talk/conversation  with an unknown person. Why, 2 years back, I was not blogging as well!

Now, I actively participate in a parent community, initiate talks with other parents (there is so much to share and learn - about kid's health, discipline, schooling etc), do not hesitate to approach other people, and in the course of time, have become pen friends with a couple of them.  My! I have come a long way and all because of Jillu. She brings such a joy to me and makes me swell with pride with whatever she does and invokes the "shout from the roof-top" kind of reaction for all that she does :) and I have never been a "shout from the roof-top" kind of person :)

Motherhood has brought about such a transformation in me. I know all of us change in some way or the other when we become parents. But, in my case, the change is significant. I have changed in the way I do things, view life altogether differently now. 

Would love to hear from others as well. What about you ? has being a mother or father changed the "core" you ?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



The sun descending on the crimson colored horizon leaving way to dusk and a starry moon filled night,
Soft, sweet, melodious, music emanating from the guitar strings resonating through the speakers,
Soft & fresh cushioned pillows on the bed and bed sheets being invitingly turned down,
Your cheeks being lovingly caressed by sweet lips in the name of goodnight kiss,
The cute little bundle of joy lying beside you face to face and embracing you,
And last, but not the least, small tiny fingers tightly curled trustingly around your thumb,for want of additional security in spite of the habitual right thumb sucking!

P.S : And I thank God for providing me this heaven as part of the bed time routine with my little bundle of joy day in and day out

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Make your own B'days & Anniversaries

Did you go out and freak out on your birthday ? No?
Did you spend quality time with your spouse on your anniversary ? No?
Did you treat your spouse on his/her birthday? No?
Did you celebrate your kid's birthday ? Yes?

If your answer is yes to all of the above, then you are awesome and you can ignore the rest of the post. For those, who do read on,

With us being caught in our own very busy world and time putting us under tremendous pressure, I think the answers above would be more or less correct for many folks.

Leaving alone birthdays and anniversaries, let it be any occasion, its getting very difficult to go out, spend time on days that is normally ear marked for such things. Because, more often than not, only on those days will there be important "meetings" that cannot be skipped, important "dead lines" due to which taking off is not an option, so on and so forth. The only exception to that may be our own kids birthdays (may be that too only when they are little toddlers) when we some-how manage to put together some thing of sorts

So what do I do about it ?

I dont get disappointed when we are unable to make it on those days. In fact, if they are on week days, I almost write it off :(. However, I decided to make the most of the time we do get unexpectedly. Like yesterday, when we decided to go out for lunch, we made a celebration out of it and went to Radisson Kabab factory, which was on my pending list :) for a long time and had a very long, relaxing lunch, which is how I would have to wanted to spend my b'day anyways. You get what I mean ? Not that going to Radisson itself is a celebration but Radisson or the likes cannot be your every time eat-out (unless you happen to own them yourself :) ).

Make your own birthdays and anniversaries and make the most of the time that you get then and there!!! Don't wait for special occasions or days to do what you want to do. Do them when time is in your hands and the time is right !

Like I celebrated my birthday yesterday, or may be his birthday or may be our anniversary? How does it matter ? :) It matters only that we were able to get some quality time together

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heel Hell ?

Whoever invented heels has a lot to answer for. I personally am not a heels person. I feel the pain straight in my back the moment I look at heels, esp pointed heels. Whenever I look at a person wearing high heeled slippers, I always look at them with a mixture of awe, fascination and what not. And almost every time, the same thought process goes across my mind : How do they manage to walk in that in the first place? Won't they fall down? Will they be massaging their foot and back at night?

I know it  is a symbol of style, fashion along with the bonus of a few extra inches, but, I know I might get a lot flak for this, but then that's how I am and heels give me the creeps!

So you can imagine my surprise, or rather shock, when the other day, I notice a 3 year old wearing high pointed heels and being made to climb the steep steps in the railway station as well. My God !!! While I can relate to (if not understand) why adults wear them, kids doing the same is beyond me !

I am in fact surprised that they manufacture such stuff for kids that age!  What happened to convenience, comfort and more importantly safety ? And, more surprised that parents actually buy such kind of high heeled slippers for their kids. And when parents dis-regard safety and well-being for fashion, why am I surprised that they are being produced for kids in the first place?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tick, Tock :Tick,Tock : Could you please stop ticking ?

Time and Tide waits for none !

If I am asked for one single wish to be granted today, I would wish for time to stand still until further notice :)
Yesterday evening outing with you was such fun and so poignant, Jillu. You looked so grown up and a big girl last evening even though you are only 21 months old!

I had made you wear full pants and full sleeve T-shirt yesterday (to avoid mosquito bites) as it was pretty late when we headed out for the near by park. And my, you looked so tall and to prove that fact, the pants were an inch or so short. You were able to stand in the front of my bike for the ride to the park, a 1/2 Km away. The way you sat in the swing (for whole 10 minutes) alone, holding on to the ropes on both sides while I pushed the swing reinforced that you have indeed grown. I still remember the times when you needed 2 people, one to hold you in the seat and the other to push the swing! And, we (My mom and I ) were so amazed when you climbed the couple of stairs alone without holding on to anything and entered the grocery store. You talk so much these days using words that we never knew you knew! You are so inquisitive and want to know everything!

And yet, at the same time, you are a baby still. You still need to grow up to play on the slides on your own. I helped you on the slides yesterday. You still continue to babble things like "Minima Minima", "Gaaya Baayaa Gukki" for which only you know the meaning. You cannot pronounce "f" still and say chone and choto. You still believe that "Kaakaa" or the crow is capable of taking things away from you. You are such a baby when you climb on top of me before your sleep time. You have got a long way to go, learn a lot and you are only a baby still.

But yesterday, the feeling of the ever passing time was much more significant and I just wanted (and still want) the time to stand still.  I am reminded of all these words like Maasum (Hindi), Sisu, Mazhalai, (Tamil), cherubic, innocence, etc when I think of babies and especially when I look at you. I am not in any hurry to see you growing up fast and losing all that innocence that is unique only to kids and babies.

There's so much more to tell you about how I feel but I can't describe or express everything. I never imagined motherhood would be like this! And whatever happens and how much ever you grow up, I think you will always be my baby and I love you so much!

Tick, Tock :Tick,Tock : Could you please stop ticking ?