Saturday, October 17, 2009


Girl 1: A very simple girl, who cannot be quite called shy or reserved, just not the type to talk to strangers first and make friends. But once a friendship is made, it lasts forever. Not one to talk too much, but better at being a silent spectator and listening.

Girl 2: A very simple girl, but one who is known to talk to strangers first and make friends, if and when warranted. Once a friendship is made, it lasts forever. One who can both share things and listen as well.

The 1st girl is me 2 years back and the 2nd girl is again me, as I am right now. And what is the trigger for the change? Being a mother. I am unable to believe the transformation in myself. These days, I just don't hesitate to make the first move when it comes to gathering information for Saathvika. 2 years back, I would not have mailed people whom I did not know, would not have joined a public forum and also actively participated in it, would not have initiated talk/conversation  with an unknown person. Why, 2 years back, I was not blogging as well!

Now, I actively participate in a parent community, initiate talks with other parents (there is so much to share and learn - about kid's health, discipline, schooling etc), do not hesitate to approach other people, and in the course of time, have become pen friends with a couple of them.  My! I have come a long way and all because of Jillu. She brings such a joy to me and makes me swell with pride with whatever she does and invokes the "shout from the roof-top" kind of reaction for all that she does :) and I have never been a "shout from the roof-top" kind of person :)

Motherhood has brought about such a transformation in me. I know all of us change in some way or the other when we become parents. But, in my case, the change is significant. I have changed in the way I do things, view life altogether differently now. 

Would love to hear from others as well. What about you ? has being a mother or father changed the "core" you ?


Soin said...

obv i cant tell.. but sure my cousins have changed.. basically the craziness vanishes u

A journey called Life said...

hey Lavanya thanks for stopping by.. i just want to tell u that my biggest dilema right now is that im still being Girl 1, down to the last very detail you have typed.. i want to become girl 2, but it doesnt look like thatz happening any time soon..
off to read ur archives

Lavanya Sriram said...

@soin : Its just not the craziess (if you mean the new-ness of a baby). It's something more than that. Its the way you look at life post having a kid and what they (kids) make you do which you would never imagined yourself doing. This kind of thing is not likely to go away, i think.

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Aparna : My research and hunt for schools is the main contributing factor to my transformation, I would say. Though it started early with the need for a few tips, it steam rolled with the school Khoj and I am still on the hunt, ofcourse :)

gils said...

hey first time here :) came from ajcl post ...hmm..frankly i cudnt locate much difference between the 2 gals except for the talking this age...being shy and reserved is really difficult :) even if u want to remain isolated..its too hard

Lavanya Sriram said...

@gils : Welcome! Well, thats a totally different perspective. But believe it or not, for me it makes a lot of difference. I was like that, not really talking to people, why, half the time i dont know what to talk unless its to my very close circle. So I end up being silent and let others talk. I get so tongue-tied (or may be wrapped up in my own private world) that I would not have even asked the basic questions/make appropriate comments and would be chiding myself later on. Still am like that except when it comes to talking about my daughter and now it extends to other parents. I guess the uniting factor is the universal motherhood bondage. And I do believe there are still many people like that, like me.