Sunday, October 11, 2009

Make your own B'days & Anniversaries

Did you go out and freak out on your birthday ? No?
Did you spend quality time with your spouse on your anniversary ? No?
Did you treat your spouse on his/her birthday? No?
Did you celebrate your kid's birthday ? Yes?

If your answer is yes to all of the above, then you are awesome and you can ignore the rest of the post. For those, who do read on,

With us being caught in our own very busy world and time putting us under tremendous pressure, I think the answers above would be more or less correct for many folks.

Leaving alone birthdays and anniversaries, let it be any occasion, its getting very difficult to go out, spend time on days that is normally ear marked for such things. Because, more often than not, only on those days will there be important "meetings" that cannot be skipped, important "dead lines" due to which taking off is not an option, so on and so forth. The only exception to that may be our own kids birthdays (may be that too only when they are little toddlers) when we some-how manage to put together some thing of sorts

So what do I do about it ?

I dont get disappointed when we are unable to make it on those days. In fact, if they are on week days, I almost write it off :(. However, I decided to make the most of the time we do get unexpectedly. Like yesterday, when we decided to go out for lunch, we made a celebration out of it and went to Radisson Kabab factory, which was on my pending list :) for a long time and had a very long, relaxing lunch, which is how I would have to wanted to spend my b'day anyways. You get what I mean ? Not that going to Radisson itself is a celebration but Radisson or the likes cannot be your every time eat-out (unless you happen to own them yourself :) ).

Make your own birthdays and anniversaries and make the most of the time that you get then and there!!! Don't wait for special occasions or days to do what you want to do. Do them when time is in your hands and the time is right !

Like I celebrated my birthday yesterday, or may be his birthday or may be our anniversary? How does it matter ? :) It matters only that we were able to get some quality time together


Uma said...

Agree with the logic...but still, taking an extra effort to celebrate on that special day does make a difference I feel... its a warm feeling ...

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Uma : Oh, yeah! nothing to beat that :). Warm feelings and more..but this is more of an balancing act. what to do.. life is full of compromises and making the best of any situation

Radhs said...

oh!I simply agree with u!