Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Heel Hell ?

Whoever invented heels has a lot to answer for. I personally am not a heels person. I feel the pain straight in my back the moment I look at heels, esp pointed heels. Whenever I look at a person wearing high heeled slippers, I always look at them with a mixture of awe, fascination and what not. And almost every time, the same thought process goes across my mind : How do they manage to walk in that in the first place? Won't they fall down? Will they be massaging their foot and back at night?

I know it  is a symbol of style, fashion along with the bonus of a few extra inches, but, I know I might get a lot flak for this, but then that's how I am and heels give me the creeps!

So you can imagine my surprise, or rather shock, when the other day, I notice a 3 year old wearing high pointed heels and being made to climb the steep steps in the railway station as well. My God !!! While I can relate to (if not understand) why adults wear them, kids doing the same is beyond me !

I am in fact surprised that they manufacture such stuff for kids that age!  What happened to convenience, comfort and more importantly safety ? And, more surprised that parents actually buy such kind of high heeled slippers for their kids. And when parents dis-regard safety and well-being for fashion, why am I surprised that they are being produced for kids in the first place?


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Personally, I love heels and loved wearing them through college. With age, comes body pain and wisdom, of course, so I switched over to boring but sensible sandals that don't make my back ache. Anyway, I too am surprised that three year olds are wearing heels. I don't think parents should let them do that even if its for the sake of 'looking stylish' but the funny thing is that today's parents, particularly the very elite parents, place so much importance to style than propriety or safety.

Good, sensible post. I think we need more people to spark this discussion further.

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Swapna : I think parents sometimes tend to get carried away with all the varieties that is available these days. This applies esp for those who have girls :). While I agree with their desire to see their baby girl being dressed to the best, (after all I have a girl too) they have to reign in some control in certain things and this certainly, i think is one of them.

Uma said...

Totally Agree Lavanya - I wonder at kids wearing heels and just can't understand how parents can allow such a thing! There should be a ban on this from a safety point of view!