Friday, May 28, 2010

Kerala Trip Part 5 - Thekkady

Day 4 (contnd)

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From the houseboat, we headed for Thekkady. The journey was uphill and the scenery was beautiful with mountains, tress and tea estates as went along. The 3 1/2 journey was peaceful and non-eventful

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kerala Trip Part 4 - The Sunset and the Rise

Day 3 (contd)

Links to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

After the relaxing cruise, when the dusk dawned, we were all set to enjoy the view of the setting sun.  The boat was anchored for the night and we got down to roam on a similar  tiny stretch of land ( with a couple of houses) that we had been witnessing all day long (thats called a village by the way :) ) to enjoy an interrupted view from the trees. When the crew told us, we would stop in a village for the night, I was imagining at least a very very small town with a few or a couple of acres of land at least:). My mistake :). We didn't think of it much when the crew men didn't know the name of the village we would be stopping by for the night :) when we questioned them. Again, our slip :) But we were not at all disappointed, more amused and  got an entirely different perspective :).

Initially, the sun was obscured by the clouds and I was hoping and praying that it would clear away !

Monday, May 17, 2010

Upside Down !

Have you ever tried hanging upside down ? Ever been in that position long enough to observe how the world would look upside down ? The answer may be "No" unless you are a Yoga specialist :). or some other such expert!

Kids love to do that, hang upside down! At least for a very short duration going by my minimal observation of the youth on monkey bars at the park and play grounds!

Friday, May 14, 2010

We made it at last !

Me and my Buddy (right from school) C !

We had been talking about it for so long. For almost 3 or 4 months, we meant to get together and take our kids out somewhere and be together ! We were not too ambitious. We were not planning on spending the whole day together or something (though it would be wonderful to ). We just wanted to got out in the evening for a couple of hours. Me with Jillu and she with her 2 kids.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kerala Trip Part 3 - The Backwater cruise!

Day 3 (contd) :

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To say the backwater cruising was amazing would be a major understatement. We completely enjoyed the very novel experience (to us). We also had a very pleasing and attentive crew on board.

We were first welcomed with fresh tender coconut water. It was so gratifying after the heat :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kerala Trip Part 2 - Introducing the HouseBoat

Day 3 :

We planned to set out at 7:30 AM as we planned to reach Allepey (by car) by around 11:30 at the max, bearing in mind the delays and a stop for refreshments. Day 3's itinerary was to reach Allepey and take the house boat from Allepey and travel to Kumarakom. But, as is always the case, we were late and could start only by 8:00 AM.
My aunt, again pitched in, and in spite of my denials and the early hours packed "Fried Idlis", fresh curd and "Panagam" (a thirst quenching drink made out of Jaggery, lemon, cardamom and dry ginger).

The drive to Allepey was uneventful and Jillu happily napped for an hour on the way till we took a break. The poor girl was very co-operative throughout the trip, sleeping when she could in the car and nodding off early at nights due to tiredness. This suited us very well indeed :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kerala Trip Part I - Trivandrum

 The Planning :
The whole trip was planned in a jiffy, a matter of 2 days. The initial plan was to have been in the last week of April or first week of May, but then we had to attend a couple of important functions (engagement/weddings) which could not be skipped. (Hey, newly engaged buddy, I hope you are reading this! If so, please make note :) ) And later part of May was not feasible for various reasons as well. So the trip was advanced and we just had a weekend to make all the arrangements and the bookings. Thankfully, my aunt (Athai) is in Kovalam and hence we could take her help as well. She was a great help :). She took care of booking the car for the whole tour, arranged a wonderful driver and also took care of charting the route for us :) Thank you, Athai, so much for all your help, in spite of your very busy and hectic schedule! But I wonder if you will ever have time to read this ! And then, it was left to us booking airline tickets to and fro and hotels online. I would have loved to travel by train, that would have been a wonderful experience for Jillu as well ! But that has to got to wait for the next time, as we cannot imagine getting train tickets in 2 days, that too in summer holidays, even in dreams.