Friday, May 14, 2010

We made it at last !

Me and my Buddy (right from school) C !

We had been talking about it for so long. For almost 3 or 4 months, we meant to get together and take our kids out somewhere and be together ! We were not too ambitious. We were not planning on spending the whole day together or something (though it would be wonderful to ). We just wanted to got out in the evening for a couple of hours. Me with Jillu and she with her 2 kids.

You might wonder what's the big deal ? I might have wondered too, if I had not been one of the affected parties!  Getting 3 kids together is never easy, is the lesson learnt ! Why you ask ?

We talk about it and everything is set! what happens ? The youngest gets a diaper rash ! OK, lets plan another day ! The next turn is our own Jillu who develops a bad cold ! Now, I cant let Jillu infect the other two, right ? OK.So, lets drop the plan again ! By now, our enthu has waned off and life takes over again ! After some weeks, the eldest got to know about our plans and it was his turn next ! So off goes again !

And then ,with no planning, nothing, I just simply called her yesterday morning and checked up on her plans !And voila ! After a couple of hurried phone calls and checks, we made it ! 

We went to Abirami's mall and took the kids to KIDS WORLD ! Though it was not as good as I expected (they could have had more games for the kids), it was a pleasant change for the kids and less expensive when compared to other gaming zones ! The kids enjoyed themselves ! Its a half an hour slot with a fixed entry fee (Rs 50) ! Once in, all games are unlimited and one can spend as much or as little time as one wants on a particular game ! (The games being stuff like, merry go round, swing, slides, piggy ride, etc for small kids ! No video games  and other games for older kids). 
I liked this concept much better than other places where we have to shell out money every time for each ride !

And then, we also went to the dashing car, me with Jillu and C with her elder kid ! I was quite sure that my car would stay put where ever it was for the entire 4 or 5 mins duration, this being my first time and all. I was also skeptical with Jillu being beside me ! But surprise, surprise, the car did move and I even managed to DASH against others (well! others were trying to avoid me , but i still dashed! but lets forget that, ok ? :) ). But Jillu got scared and she wanted out !. With half my attention being with her, I did more than I expected to :)

After that,  it was time for some chai and pop corns in the food court and then head back home ! All in all, a good evening well spent !

Now that the ice breaker is over, may be we will be able to get together more often mm? I really hope so !


SoulSpace said...

it feels great to connect with friends

Anuradha Shankar said...

At least you managed to get together finally! me and my friend are still planning :( but your post encourages me to just call her suddenly and plan something out... maybe that will work!

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Sowmya : yes ! it does, isn't it ? :)

@Anu : yeah Anu, sometimes planing never works ! I have seen that couple of times, especially with these kind of play dates. So just call up yr friend on a day that you are free and chances are that they might be free as well :)

A journey called Life said...

wow! sounds like a fun evening.. nothing works like impromptu from my experience.. wish you many more such outings..

Shilpa said...

Thats so nice :)
Meeting old friends always makes us feel good :P

Lavanya Sriram said...

@AJCL : yes, impromptu works best as you put it :). Looks like you have also had some plans spoiled as well!

@Shilpa : yes! the time with friends always to be treasured :)

Swaram said...

Wow! That ws some nice time well spent :) Its all the more fun when impromptu meets go off so well :D

Lavanya Sriram said...

On behalf of Swaram : Wow! That ws some nice time well spent :) Its all the more fun when impromptu meets go off so well :D