Friday, May 21, 2010

Kerala Trip Part 4 - The Sunset and the Rise

Day 3 (contd)

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After the relaxing cruise, when the dusk dawned, we were all set to enjoy the view of the setting sun.  The boat was anchored for the night and we got down to roam on a similar  tiny stretch of land ( with a couple of houses) that we had been witnessing all day long (thats called a village by the way :) ) to enjoy an interrupted view from the trees. When the crew told us, we would stop in a village for the night, I was imagining at least a very very small town with a few or a couple of acres of land at least:). My mistake :). We didn't think of it much when the crew men didn't know the name of the village we would be stopping by for the night :) when we questioned them. Again, our slip :) But we were not at all disappointed, more amused and  got an entirely different perspective :).

Initially, the sun was obscured by the clouds and I was hoping and praying that it would clear away !
I couldn't bear bad luck again (we could not enjoy sun rise from the Tiger hills due to bad weather when we had been to Darjeeling 3 years back :( )

But then, it slowly started to clear away and i was thanking my lucky stars now :)

And the view was superb :) The photography does not really do justice to the actual settings !

And I thought thats the end of it ! But Sriram differed and asked me to wait and watch some more ! And he was so right ! The best was yet to come !

And I love the next 2 pics :) the besstt acc to me !

And at last... and I loathed to see it go away :(

Then, we went back to our boat and passed the time playing with Jillu till dinner time. The only drawback was the presence of mosquito and other insects in the open deck(but we were safe from that in the closed confines of the bedroom). I felt much better after I put on full hand sleeves and pant for Jillu! She was so excited that she hadn't had her afnoon nap that day ! So dinner was fast and she was asleep as well in no time ! 

And then, just when we started our dinner,  it started raining accompanied with strong wind. The atmosphere was amazing . A dark night with no artificial lighting, marooned on a small patch of land with endless stretch of water on all sides, with the sound of the wind and the rain slashing against the boat and the boat rocking under their influence! 

And I went to bed with all these scenes playing over in my mind and looking forward to an equally good view of sun rise as well !
And here are the pics of the sunrise the next day !!!

Day 4

The beautiful Sun rise

And I so love this pic as well !

Through the glass from the boat's corridor !

After these glorious hours in the boat, it was time for breakfast and the next leg of our journey ! Needless to say, I hated to leave the boat.

The boat left us in Kumarakom and our trusted car driver who left us in Allepey had come to pick us up promptly !

The rest of Day 4 to be covered in the next part..


A journey called Life said...

nice pics Lav's, lovely contrasts and the beauty well captured..
u must get the appa- ponnu snap framed..

Unknown said...

beautiful pics lavanya :) i sooo wish to go to kerala once! :)

Anuradha Shankar said...

wow! wow! wow!! what a lovely sunset! and so many wonderful pics! love each one of them! and i agree with ajcl... the dad-daughter snap is worth preserving!

Swaram said...

Wow wow wow ... just getting better. Sun hs so much to offer no .. can spend so much time looking @ the sky :)

What a lovely pic of the dad-daughter duo :) :)

Lavanya Sriram said...

@AJCL : i so love that snap. yep! thats the plan :)

@MM : welcome to this space :) you should surely go there once :)

@Anu : Thanks, Anu :) I am so glad u like the pics :) both of us are amateur photographers :) but as i said, it looked even more glorious in person. This doesn't do justice at all !

@Swaram : :) yes ! lovely it was and the view was gr8 for both :)