Friday, October 2, 2009

Tick, Tock :Tick,Tock : Could you please stop ticking ?

Time and Tide waits for none !

If I am asked for one single wish to be granted today, I would wish for time to stand still until further notice :)
Yesterday evening outing with you was such fun and so poignant, Jillu. You looked so grown up and a big girl last evening even though you are only 21 months old!

I had made you wear full pants and full sleeve T-shirt yesterday (to avoid mosquito bites) as it was pretty late when we headed out for the near by park. And my, you looked so tall and to prove that fact, the pants were an inch or so short. You were able to stand in the front of my bike for the ride to the park, a 1/2 Km away. The way you sat in the swing (for whole 10 minutes) alone, holding on to the ropes on both sides while I pushed the swing reinforced that you have indeed grown. I still remember the times when you needed 2 people, one to hold you in the seat and the other to push the swing! And, we (My mom and I ) were so amazed when you climbed the couple of stairs alone without holding on to anything and entered the grocery store. You talk so much these days using words that we never knew you knew! You are so inquisitive and want to know everything!

And yet, at the same time, you are a baby still. You still need to grow up to play on the slides on your own. I helped you on the slides yesterday. You still continue to babble things like "Minima Minima", "Gaaya Baayaa Gukki" for which only you know the meaning. You cannot pronounce "f" still and say chone and choto. You still believe that "Kaakaa" or the crow is capable of taking things away from you. You are such a baby when you climb on top of me before your sleep time. You have got a long way to go, learn a lot and you are only a baby still.

But yesterday, the feeling of the ever passing time was much more significant and I just wanted (and still want) the time to stand still.  I am reminded of all these words like Maasum (Hindi), Sisu, Mazhalai, (Tamil), cherubic, innocence, etc when I think of babies and especially when I look at you. I am not in any hurry to see you growing up fast and losing all that innocence that is unique only to kids and babies.

There's so much more to tell you about how I feel but I can't describe or express everything. I never imagined motherhood would be like this! And whatever happens and how much ever you grow up, I think you will always be my baby and I love you so much!

Tick, Tock :Tick,Tock : Could you please stop ticking ?


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Its a beautiful thought and a heartwrenching post. I can understand how you feel. I feel the same too when I see how fast my son is growing up and moments are slipping away faster than I can imagine.

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Swapna : Yes. Time does run away before you realize what's happening. Nowadays, I make a conscious attempt to slow down and savor the moments,enjoy the time with her more rather than worrying about the "next" thing to do.

Radhs said...

Beautiful thought Lavanya,I must also try that!

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Radhs : Hi :) and welcome to my corner. Thanks for dropping by. I read your post on "My Blogging" and can totally relate it. So true :). Hope to see you more and get to know you as well. Take care

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hmmmm..they grow so fast don't they. But she'll always be your baby.
Am glad I stopped by here - great blog.

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Corrine : Thanks for dropping by and for the lovely comment.