Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One minute please

The value/longevity of a minute (60 secs) is well appreciated only

  • When we are impatiently waiting for the milk to boil and you dare not attend to anything else for fear of it getting the better of you
  • When we need to check an important email and the computer takes that full minute to boot and start up
  • When we can see the train arriving at a far distance and just cannot wait for the train to pull up in the platform lest we be late for a not so important meeting
  • When we impatiently wait for the red to turn green at a busy junction and keep glancing at the lights every other second
  • When we just missed the lift and keep jabbing the button as though just that act would immediately make the lift materialize before us.


Soin said...

oh i can say a million things of this one min importance.. but the best one is the one extra min u get to sleep knowing there is shit loads of work waiting for you...free


The lift part is something i relish watching people do.. jab it, damn it.

Lavanya Sriram said...

@soin : i didn't have the patience to list more than 5 :) and for me the extra sleep would never stop with 1 min :) it would extend to 1/2 an hour or so which is why it is not in my list:)

@LIFE_REFACTORED : Welcome here:) keep jabbing