Thursday, November 26, 2009

At a loss for words

Well, I am having trouble blogging non-Jillu stuff. It cannot be called as a writer's block, for I absolutely am no writer :). Just a beginner struggling to find my way, or rather my words.

What to blog about? I know there are thousand and one things to blog about, but nothing comes to my mind yet. Even if I think of something to write, (having a couple of drafts is proof enough for that), I am not able to work around the topic and get it into any presentable shape. When I read it, it seemed so bad and nothing like the other so nice, lovely, so well written blogs that I read.

Some weeks back, in my car driving class, a fellow student was a 80+ years old woman and she was doing a wonderful job. I was really admiring her and her commitment at this age of wanting to learn and having the energy to enroll into a class and going through with it as well. What a way to live and how much she loves life to do that. I should learn from her, for due to various reasons, I am yet to complete the learning and still cannot drive on my own. I wanted to make this a blog post but could not go beyond a few words.

And, I was searching for my specs the other day and could not find it. I was desperately searching for it, for I cannot go to work without that and was calling my MIL as well to find out if I had left it there when I had been there the previous day. When I was searching, the immediate thought that struck me was that how nice it would be if we had a CTRL+F (Find) feature in real life so as to easily locate anything. I really missed the CTRL+F feature then. You won't believe me, but I have been thinking of ways of writing this for the past 2 days, but somehow it never happened. My first thought was to pen it as it is. Then, I thought, no, let me try out a 55 fiction out of this topic. I thought and thought and thought, I thought on the train journey to office, thought whenever my mind was idle, but nothing came out of it. Then  I thought, OK, let me try out a 55 fiction on some other topic. Again,with the same results.

So here I am, having decided to write something, writing about what to write. Hahaha..


Unknown said...

u just write what comes to ur mind, the way it does.. thatz the beauty of the blogging world na, its almost like we are holding a conversation, not reading what u wrote.. there are a set of ppl who visit ur blog daily (me included) coz we relate to what u said (say).. its like a lil peek into urs and jillu's world.. as far as the writing and presentation part goes, this comes with time.. u r a pretty neat blogger anyways (this advice was given to me when i was in ur exact same quandry, by a very senior blogger whose writings i deeply admire.. )..

just go with the flow- sorry abt sounding all preachy..

i really admire the 80 year old.. what determination.. here is hoping u learn to drive u and jillu can take off on lil trips- just the 2 of u ;)

i wish i had the ctrl f feature in my life too, or google search for other details i keep loosing..

Lavanya Sriram said...

@AJCL : Thank you for the encouraging words :). Its true about writing what comes to your mind. I have seen so many people do that so effortlessly. I guess that will come with time as you said. Thank you once again.

thats the idea of learning in the first place so that we can take off :)

yeah, me too for the google has made us so lazy..

Anonymous said...

I found it interesting to read about the 80 year old lady. I doubt if our generation would have the same kind of determination because I think we get bogged down too easily and feel dejected when things don't go our way. Well, interesting post as always, waiting to read more.

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Swapna : Very true. I was so astounded to see the energy and drive in her at this age. Kudos to her !!!