Thursday, November 5, 2009

At a loss

How would one feel with one of their arms severed? Thats how I have been feeling for the past 1 week since our PC crashed. Yes, my left hand, our home PC crashed and I am severely pained and distraught and disconnected from people. Imagine !! I can't do a post in JilluYennaPan. That is unimagineable to me !!!

Which is the right hand , you ask? Of course, its my mobile !

Technology has done us and these days it is so difficult to survive without a mobile or a computer. This post is a result of my beg and borrow of my hubby's official laptop. 

A couple of weeks back, my mobile conked off and I was left without my right hand. We have become so lazy that it is a wonder to remember the numbers of even our very close circle. I know some people who don't even know their own numbers. Thats how lazy we have become

They always say, "everything comes in threes". First, it was my mobile, then PC (which is still under repair). What next I wonder and dread?


Soin said...

u create a label pc crash??anyways my gf is my lapy..pochu na sethen..last four years spent more time on it than with any human..sad

SoulSpace said...

me too..feel disconnected

Uma said...

Oh, I can understand this... it's tough without these gadgets of connectivity these days...

A journey called Life said...

ohh ohh know how that feels.. hope allz back up and running soon

Bindhu Unny said...

TV next? Maybe it's not as dreadful as PC and mobile. :)

Lavanya Sriram said...

@soin : take care of gf well.. otherwise you will more than regret it

@sowmya : :(.. sob sob..
@Uma : Oh, yeah.. too too difficult
@AJCL : still not alright. again at the mercy of hubby's laptop :(

@Bindhu : Welcome ! TV?? Oh, not at all dreadful..i wouldn't even know if it wasn't well :)