Saturday, November 7, 2009

Change for life

People always say that you are never the same after marriage and that wedding is the one important event which changes you for life. This might sound true (especially for the ladies who step out of their home of 25 odd years or so) at that time of transition.

But I have discovered that not marriage, but having kids is what changes you for ever. 
Having a baby changes your priorities, your timings, your lifestyle, your outlook towards life, your behavior, your talk, your thoughts and the list goes on. In short it changes you.


SoulSpace said...

totally agree with you...

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meenakshi kamath said...

Dear Lavanya,
I fully agree with you. Even I changed a lot after marriage and more so after the birth of my daughter. She is my world right now.

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Sowmya : :)
@meenakshi : welcome :)

Musings of a lonely traveler said...

Lavanya! totally agree with you. Don't you agree that it is applicable for the masculine gender too :) liked your blog..

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Mohammed : Welcome :). It is applicable for guys as well, yes, but the realization among guys does not seem to be universal (as it is with mothers) and seems to happen in pockets. Glad you like my blog. Hope to see you often.