Friday, January 1, 2010

A lovely gift for the new year

The new year 2010 dawned on a brilliant note for us :). Well, it was not meant to happen that way originally, but I am so glad that it did. Thanks to my dear cousin bro S and his wife L.

The "Anthakshari" session with Jillu was on at that time and it was already way past Jillu's bed time (owing to New Year Eve) and the bell rings. 

Hubby, all innocence, says "Who could it be at this time ?" (For,I later came to know that he was totally aware!). So off we all go to open the door and our late night visitors happen to be none other than  S & L. And what have they got with them for us ?

A big 20x30 lamination of collage of photos from Jillu's 1st birthday. Superb and Brilliant it was ! It is ! I just love it ! 

It was actually meant to be Jillu's birthday gift, but thanks to the delay from the studio, they could not present it then. But then, it made a wonderful New Year gift :). Though I had earlier got wind of (or rather anticipated) something like this happening when my hubby took a few snaps in the pen drive for S, I was unaware of the impending visit on the New Year eve and the end result is so magnificent and I am so thrilled.

I have to thank my SIL "L" for the idea and bro "S" for the implementation :)

Thank you so much, bro and SIL.


A journey called Life said...

wow! so very thoughtful of them.. can understand how happy u must have felt..
i wish this happy note contines all year round for years to come..
happy new year once again..

Soin said...

antha collage photo

Lavanya Sriram said...

@AJCL : Thank you so much :)

@soin : don't have a soft copy of that.. will try though..


Surprises makes even smallest of gifts sweet! Don't they!

Lavanya Sriram said...

@L_R : Oh, yeah.. so true..Surprises (in the +ve sense) are such a pleasure !!!