Sunday, January 3, 2010

An interesting Proposition!

My cousin bro called me a couple of weeks ago with an interesting proposition :).

Bro : hey, how would you like to model with Jillu?

Me : "What ?" I was swimming in numbers, hours and what not at that time at work and this guys calls me out of the blue with this very strange request. I was not even sure if I had heard right.

Bro : Yes, would you like to model ? Pose for a photo with Jillu ?

Me : ??? Really listening now.. What is it ? Tell me more.. (Though I really know this will come to nothing, my mind is already conjuring up flashy and glossy pictures of me and Jillu in all posh magazines :) )

Bro : A pediatrician that I know is about to publish an article in a local regional news paper and he needs a photograph of a mom and daughter to go along with it. Would you like to do it ? You wouldn't need to do anything. They will come home, take a couple of pics and leave.

Me : As simple as that ? (Still the glossy pics are running through my mind). But.. is it safe ? I find it both interesting and scary. (Well, one doesn't get such requests daily, do they ?)

Bro : Would i even approach you if it wasn't safe ?

Me : Actually trying to give it a thought now... "mmmm"..."Better check with your BIL first." (Now saying bye bye to all the glossy pics and thought that's the end of it now and I can forget it, for I know what my hubby would say and I was not even sure of it myself. Back to the numbers game now.. sigh.. It was nice while it (the virtual images) lasted though )

Bro :OK..will do

After 5 minutes, he calls up and says what I expected :)

That night, I learnt from my hubby that his objection was due to that particular newspaper in question. He was not really comfortable with that one.

This is as near as I would ever get to modeling and the likes :). Hence this post for later reading and remembrance :)

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A journey called Life said...

wow! seemed like a good offer..had i been in ur place, I would have started the visualising bit too but its good u din go ahead, given the reputation of the newspaper in question being err.. questionable..