Thursday, April 1, 2010

Know "Me" Tag :)

Uma has tagged me to write 7 things about me that you do not know about.

So here it is.....

1) I have traveled without, in bus, a couple of  times - a long time back. There, I have said it. Admitted in public. My long time secret :)

2) I like to travel a lot, but i get sick immediately ( well, you might say an hour into the journey) if I travel by bus. 
That very well takes care of my desire to travel, right? That said, yes, I still want to travel a lot, visit places that I have not been to.

3)I have always wanted to learn to play an instrument (mainly Veena, but something), but never got to do it :(

4) I hate milk, but love the by products of milk - curd, milk sweet, (esp the paalgoa ) very much. My dad always teases me about it. I never had plain milk even in my child hood days i believe. (And when I say milk, it includes Horlicks, complan , Boost and the likes.) My parents had to drink all the health drinks to complete the pack :). Yeah, they said so!

5) I wanted my baby to be a girl all through my pregnancy. But when I came to know that it was indeed a girl baby, (after I was brought to my room after C section under general anesthesia) my very first reaction was 
"Oh, No. She is also bound to undergo the same agony that i did. It could have been a boy". 
My MIL still teases me about it. But that was when i was under the influence of drugs at night. I over came it the very next day. :)

6)Am getting to be too absent minded. More like amnesia :(. Cant seem to remember what happened in the past. Even some important happenings. Its got to a stage where my dearest friend (right from school) reminded me of an incident from my past, from my life, that I had completely forgotten.
I think I should make better use of both of my blogs :) to compensate for this memory loss !

7)  The biggest goof up of my life : I forgot to get my ECNR stamped in my passport before we left for our honeymoon. The result : We came back home from the airport to agreeably surprised/shocked parents & relatives.
All's well that ends well : We delayed the trip, postponed tickets, bookings et all, got a temporary stamping within a day and this time did manage to pass through the gates :)

Though it took some time to pin down the 7 points, I enjoyed doing it as it gave me the opportunity to reminisce about a lot of forgotten things and think about myself for a change :).  Thank you Uma. 

And I tag Anu, AJCL, Swaram, Swetha and CG, if you have not done it before.

And to anyone who wishes to take it up. :). Would love to read your list as well :)


Swaram said...

ha ha was nice and fun knowing more abt u ;)

LOL @ Pt.1 :P
Am with u on 4 .. I cant believe there's someone ditto me ;) yay!

I knew only abt the 7th one :P

Thanks for the tag ... will try to get 7 more points about me :)

Swetha Guptha said...

Hey Lavssss!!!!

Thanks for the tag! Thats my first tag...all excited abt it. Will get those 7 pts and post it!!

Ur pt 7 reminds me of one silly thing I did during my Dubai trip. Will post it in my tag ;)

Sh@s said...

Your 7th point scared me and made me a little more alert coz soon i will be travelling :)
Even am alergic to milk but lap all the milk products :D

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Swaram : Oh, u too on pt 4 ??? I have company then :)

@Swetha : waiting to see yr points :)

@Shas : enjoy yr travel and be prepared :). One more person who's like me wrt to milk:)

Uma said...

1 - I've done that too - again out of absent mindedness - so used to traveling with bus pass that I forgot when I didn't have one..

ditto on 4!

LOL on 7!

Soin said...

amma learnt veena after my brother was i guess theres always enough

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Uma : I never had a bus pass ! I used to buy tickets daily :)

@soin : Oh ! thats so wonderful and encouraging ! :)