Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A bizarre thought !

But if only it could be true, then, it would be highly useful and avoid so much anxiety and stress! One, I think, every mother would agree :)

The thought is - "If only every mother could be a pediatrician"

It struck me last night when Jillu again fell sick, that I should have become a pediatrician (in spite of the fact that I chose Computer Science over Biology in my 11th std just so that I could avoid rat dissection - yeah I really hated it so much :( . You just need to ask my friends about it) just to avoid yet another trip to her Doc :( .

But then, I really wish there exists a shortened course which every mother could take. Similar to lots of First Aid courses that are available today. It would avoid so much of anxiety, tension, fear, pressure et all. A short one with just the basics, at least to the extent of determining whether a visit to the doc is needed or not, examining whether the chest is clear or is congested yet again. (I am sure cold and cough make up about 95% of Dr visits for every kid ). 

Sometimes, it looks far worse than it actually is and we rush to the doc only for them to tell us that it is not serious and there is no severe congestion. And the reverse also happens to be true where some people leave it too late before visiting the doc ! :(


A journey called Life said...

true.. its such a gamble na, sometimes we panic and rush to the doc only to be told everything is fine and then those are the dreaded others.. but I tell ya, i really wish I could be knowledgeable enough abt these viruses.. like u rightly say, will save a lot of heart break..

How is Jillu now? ok? paavum romba quiet-a ayirupale..


Why is this a bizarre thought? Its perfectly normal one to have.
From where is she contracting cold and cough? Just seasonal changes? Take care.

Satish N said...

idhuku thaan chinna vayasula ozhungaa padichurukanum nu sollaradhu ... nallaaa padichurundhaa doctor aairukalaam la :)

Lavanya Sriram said...

@AJCL : Yeah, day before was very bad. From yesterday afternoon, she is doing much better, thank you

@L_R : I hope its just the seasonal changes. Otherwise, i might have to start investigating if she is allergic to any food stuff. lately, we have started giving her some chocolates and sweets. So am not sure.

@Satish : ahaaa.. post a ozhungaa padichirundhaa, naan yen Dr aagala nu purinjurukkum. :)

Uma said...

hey, me too had this bizarre thought sometime back :)

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Uma : same pinch :). But then that's how many visits we make to the doc :(

Anonymous said...

Lav, most mothers, me including, think that way. And yes, 95% is for treating cough/cold. A few tips if it helps.. Ignore if you have tried and if it has not worked for you:

1. Inhalation: For small kids like Jillu, its impossible to make them sit tight under a blanket. Fill a bucket with very hot water in the bathroom. Make sure the windows, doors are closed. Add two drops from Karvol capsules. Sit on a small stool close to the bucket of water and make her sit on your lap, with her eyes closed. Stay for 7 to 10 mins. Repeat the process twice a day. Morning and before bedtime. Provides a lot of relief. I do this for Varun too and it has helped.

2. Herbs Thulasi, 'Chithirathai' and thoodhuvala keerai are excellent medicines. I make tea by boil thulasi and ginger for 10 mins. Then add tea leaves, a little sugar and milk and administer about 1/4 cup tea.

3. With Chithirathai, you can make 'kashaayam'. Slightly pound a small piece, about an inch of this herb and boil it with 2 glasses of water till it reduces to 1/2 a cup. Add a little sugar or 'panamkalkandu' and milk. Arrests dry cough.

4. Thoodhuvala keerai can be put to several uses. Add it to rasam along with garlic (even if you dont like garlic:-)). You can clean and fry it in ghee and mix it in her rice. Cook with a little moong dhal like any greens and feed her.

5. Drinking water can be boiled with jeeragam and for 3 or 4 days, give just this water. Make sure you boil it fresh everyday.

6. A hot-water bag is handy during congestions. This is besides the steaming. Fill the bag with water which is bearably hot. Place it on her back for 20 mins and then on her chest as she sleeps.

Many go in for homeo, but it has not won my confidence yet:-) Ayurvedic medicines are tough to administer...

Sorry about the long response! Could not resist!

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Vidya : Thank you so much for the tip. I really appreciate it. I have tried only "karpooravalli " till date, but then i give her that only after the cold has set in. Not sure if I can her that regularly as a preventive measure, though !

will surely try these the next time!. Why apologize for such useful tips. Thanks so much, once again!

Asha said...

11 years ago when my daugter was a year old i too underwent the same situation. With one cough i used to rush my daughter to the clinic which had a huge queue, inspite of my inlaws telling me 'idhu sadarana ilumbal dan ma'.

But with time you learn. I learnt to take care of my son with kitchen medicine. It helps.

school going children especially between ages 3-6 catch infections easily from their class mates until they get immune.

take care. BTW this is my first time on your blog.

Lavanya Sriram said...

@Asha : Welcome here :) ! yes, we all get to learn with time. its so true. Thanks for dropping by. :)