Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wrong timing?

I think I should have waited for a couple of months before submitting my resignation. Or I should have done it 2 months earlier. As it is, right now, I am caught in between and these 2 months have been real hectic. I am  coming home late daily these days what with the transition going on one side and year end activities on the other end. It would have been easier if I had transitioned the whole thing before, then I wouldn't have been in this situation. Or if I had waited, then it would have been only me who was doing it and I would have been much faster on my own. Now, I have the over all responsibility, but I have to make them (who is taking the KT - Knowledge Transition) do it as they need to understand as well. So the whole process is taking much longer and resulting in late evenings daily for me :(. Late nights or even working through the nights is not new for me but from the time I rejoined work after my maternity leave, I re-aligned myself and made sure that I was home at a decent time (for IT standards) if not early. Of-course, there were exceptions, but for the most part, I always was home at the same time for Jillu. But these weeks have been really hectic, what with my boss being sick and going on long leave, me being all alone in the team as the one other team member was transferred to another team, then the new guys (2 of them) coming in, training them as well as meeting the deliverables single-handedly.  To top it all, 1 of the new guys fell sick with viral infection and did not turn up for 4 days in this week. I am working more now in my notice period than ever before in the past 1 year. I have been unable to spend time with Jillu at all these past few weeks. 

I console myself saying that this is only for a few more weeks and not for much longer.


A journey called Life said...

can understand how it must be like.. all this hectic final minute working.. take care..
glad to know that it will soon be over..

Lavanya Sriram said...

@AJCL: yeah :(..I am looking forward to the break :)


Hey, if you actually think about it, you are taking it too personal. Just chill, you can only do what you can do. Do your KT, most folks will just nod through it and will have real questions only after you leave :)
My 2 cents, dump the load on them right now telling that KT is over,
pack up at 6 and leave and let them handle the affairs, only then you will realize that they will start learning.
I saw this written on a wall long back. "if you want someone to learn , don't teach them everything".

Think of Jill and just chill!,
BTW what do you do? prj mgmt?

Lavanya Sriram said...

@L_R : I used to do that before.. I mean Proj MGMT.. Now I am part of PMO and hence involves lot of responsibility and critical reports with financial impact as well. Hence the over work.

I realize what u said myself, but could not implement here for 1 very important year end deliverable. And to make matters worse, 1 resource falls sick with viral infection :(. For the rest of the stuff, that is exactly what i did :).


Oh the numbers game eh! good luck with your transition!

Lavanya Sriram said...

Oh, yeah. The deadly number games! Thank you and its going on much better now :)