Monday, September 21, 2009

A good find

Tired after the shifting (of my mom's residence) yesterday, we were all ready for a hearty meal and were also in a mood to try out a new eating joint. So, we, my parents, my husband and I, (Jillu being under my MIL's care), headed out to Mylai Masala, a pure veg restaurant. It has branches in Nandanam (near to Venkateshwara hospital) and Alwarpet (I think near to Anjaneyar temple) and we headed toward the Nandanam branch.

When we first entered, there was nobody to be seen. (Expected though, because we went at an odd time of 5:45 PM or 6:00 PM, well before the starting time, but we were tired and hungry and had to eat). So we were the only one there. We knew our choices would be limited because of the odd time and as expected, the Chinese and the tandoori items were not available. But most of the standard items were available and our plan B of going elsewhere did not materialize.

Now, to the actual part : The food was good. I won't say it was first-class variety. But the food was good and it was in the range of other chains of restaurants like VB, Sangeetha etc. Also, the price was not as costly as Saravana Bhavan and was fairly priced. At the end of the day, you get the value worth the money spent and it was money well spent for us yesterday. Our bill was around Rs 400 for the following items

1) Bonda - 2 plts
2) Pani Puri -2 sets
3) Adai avaial - 2 plts
4) Chana Bhatura - 2 plts
5) Podi Oothappam - 2 sets
6) Masal Dosai - 1
7) Noodle Dosai -1
8) Chocolate ice cream - 1
9) Coffee - 1

This restaurant has been open only for 6 months now and the rates may go up. But for now, Mylai Masala is a good find.


Soin said...

i went to the mylai masala near isabella hospital.. and it was quite bad.. it was as if i cook.. if its supposed to be like home made food why wud i go to an

Lavanya Sriram said...

Oh. May be u were unlucky! or may be we were lucky the other day!